Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Producers were banking heavily on Sharon Stone's star power to transform the Ira Levin novel into a box office smash. It didn't do bad but never quite translated the way it should have and no doubt in fifty years this will be looked upon as early '90s camp. Stone, who we just saw in LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT as Stabler's former partner and from the looks of will be back in future episodes, is a special treat in SLIVER and amazingl enough manages to draw some sparks from her work with William Baldwin in one of his better outings but it's simply not enough to make for a good picture. Phillip Noyce is a well versed director and I've said this before and will certainly say this again, it looks like the studio tinkered this flick into mediocracy so we shan't blame Noyce or the players. Speaking of players there is plent of star gazing to be had here with names like CCH Pounder, Martin Landau, Polly Walker, the late Nina Foch as a sorely miscast Tom Beringer. If nothing else SLIVER brought the music of Enigma to the ears of the masses but the bottom line is if you weren't kickin' it in the '90s SLIVER won't give you much of a stiff prick.


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