Sunday, September 27, 2009


My biggest complaint about the latest Bruce Willis action vehicle would have to be Michael C. Hall was not in it. Of course he not supposed to be in SURROGATES, he is starring in GAMERS but this is what I get for spending too much time watching previews at the pub in the middle of the footy! Just the same, I spent a good deal of time during SURROGATES waiting for DEXTER to show up, which he didn't. Who did was Willis in one of his best thrillers in ages. Granted, this is not high-brow science fiction but there are enough elements in play to keep one thinking but don't brood too long or the ending will have you pulling your hair out. Think of it as DIE HARD meets BLADERUNNER and while it in no way comes close to the level of the latter it does have an interesting visual execution and some neat sexual qualities. It should be mentioned this is a Jonathan Mostow picture and those who have a hate on for U-571 or TERMINATOR 3 may wish to take a pass but for my my money I got what I expected and then some.....all except for a robotic Dexter...speaking of which...that might be an interesting story arc for the future, oh...nevermind.


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