Friday, September 11, 2009

World Trade Center

As today marks eight years since this life changing event of a generation occured I thought taking a moment to blurb this Oliver Stone film proper. Of course we all know what happened and everyone of us remember where we were when we heard. In my case it was listening to Howard Stern of all people and following the events and misinformation through his media bent was unique to say the least. In the case of WORLD TRADE CENTER many felt Stone moved too quickly but upon watching it those concerns are silenced. It is a straight forward look at the firemen who risked and gave their lives to save other in this horrible crisis. Stone plays it straight here and the expected conspiracy theories are nowhere to be found. Nicolas Cage does the same given an honest no nonsense performance in the lead. Not the greatest film either has made but a fitting tribute to some of the heroes on that tragic day.


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I haven't seen this yet. I will.

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