Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love the old matinee clunkers. here in Sssssss we have Strother Martin as a mad old scientist who wants to turn the human race into snakes to save them from the impending enviromental apocalypse. Along comes a young Dirk Benedict to get all slithered out and in the process develop an enlarged trouser snake for Toronto home gal Heather Menzies. Throw in some failed experiments, a copper investigating and some psychadelic sequences and you pretty much have Sssssss. I happen to be very fond of this one as I saw it real time as a kid but I will confess by todays standards it will test the patience of many. Martin is a lot of fun as Dr. Stoner (great name) and he was actually bit (what we have here is a failure to YEOWWWWWWW) on set by one of the little buggers. Felix Silla has a small role (no pun intended) and Reb Martin makes his debut as does Noble Criag as the snake man. It would be over a decade before we'd see him on screen again as the vomit creature in POLTERGEIST 2 which are the only roles he plays. Worth a look but will only scare those who have a snake phobia.


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