Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Catch

Nevermind the fact most baseball films are just an excuse to grab all of the young, hot Hollywood studs and toss 'em on a field in tight pants (same can be said for Westerns) I'm still a sucker for them. Good or bad, made for kids or adults, doesn't matter, I'll watch 'em and usually enjoy every second of it. SUMMER CATCH is standard stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. Sure, we have Jessica Biel swimming a lot but I'm too old to supposedly be getting all hot and bothered. I have a hard time with Mr. Sarah Michelle Gellar in the lead though he does turn in a fine performance in this cased. I always enjoy Matthew Lillard and it's great to see Marc Blucas getting some big screen time. Brian Dennehy can always be counted on to play the surly old gruff with a good heart but the best role in the film belongs to Beverly D'Angelo as the horny ol' den mother.


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