Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Last Shot

This is an odd little piece of fluff which can't seem to decide if it's a docudrama, dark comedy, or straight laced morality tale. It claims to be based, sort of, on a true story about an attempt to nab the mob by producing a film and then hooking them on extortion through crooked union practices. While the script, provided by veteran screenplay man Jeff Nathanson in his directorial debut, is fine the film never manages to find it's legs. Matthew Broderick is surprisingly weak here and Alec Baldwin doesn't fare much better. Tony Shalhoub can always be counted on to deliver but the big surprise here would be Toni Collette and Calista Flockhart who does foul mouthed psycho to the hilt with great bravado! I especially liked the sequence concerning the death of Baldwin's dog by suicide in the jacuzzi, come to think of it, several pooches almost bite the dust in this film, but it was not enough to save this patchworked offering. Worth a look if nothhing else is available.


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