Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mirror, Mirror 2: Raven Dance

As I mentioned in my thoughts on MIRROR, MIRROR, I still find it puzzling as to how this became a cult hit. With the second offering in the series we see some improvement but I still have to scratch my head about the talent they managed to snag. Roddy McDowell, Sally Kellerman, Veronica Cartwright, Sarah Douglas and a young Mark Ruffalo top the list though some may consider MR. BELVEDERE's Tracy Wells a star in her own right. William Sanderson returns to play a different character which leads me to believe he must be friends with somebody on the production crew which is of no import as he delivers one of the best psychotic monologues I've seen. As for the story, it's more of the same with bad shit coming out of that spooky old mirror (didn't see that coming did you) and RAVEN DANCE is campy enough to be more fun than the first but you can't help thinking with the people involved it could have been much better.


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