Thursday, April 16, 2009

Man of the House

If you take MEN IN BLACK out of the equation you'd be hard pressed to think of another comedy starring Tommy Lee Jones. Perhaps he and fellow Texan Stephen Herek are buddies which might explain why he chose to star in this tweenie bit of nonsense about a group of cheerleaders who witness a murder who fall under the protection of a Texas ranger, of course played by Jones. Director Herek is good with sort of fare having helmed BILL & TED's EXCELLENT ADVENTURE and THE MIGHTY DUCKS and these films should give you an idea of what MAN OF THE HOUSE has to offer. It does stand out though due to the fact Tommy Lee Jones can raise the level of pretty much anything he decides to be involved with. You have to love the fact the gun he uses in this film is not a prop but his personal Colt. Can't you just imagine how that coversation went...."uh.....Tommy, we want you to use the prop gun. Why, this one isn't loaded. Yes, but Tommy, you're making folks nervous. I don't care!". R. Lee Emery has some great moments in this one and be sure to look for CSI's Liz Vassey.


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