Friday, May 15, 2009

Youth Without Youth

Here is the great Francis Ford Coppola film nobody seems to have heard of and even with the recent popularity of Tim Roth due to his hit show LIE TO ME people still don't know about this gem of a movie and those who do hate it. Based on the Mircea Eliade novel which I haven't read.....hell..I have to confess I'd never even heard of this Romanian philospoher, it tells the story of a man who at the end days of his life is struck by lightning and then proceeds to "grow" young again.....or does he. This is one heck of a mind bender and after a dozen viewings I'm still not sure about some parts. What I am sure of is this was a labor or love for Coppola, he funded the film with monies made from his winery, and I gather he couldn't care less what the critics thought. It is a bit long winded in parts and certainly does jump all over the board but it is visually beautiful and I loved it. I also loved seeing the underused Alexandra Pirici! Will not be to the taste of many but I do suggest those who liked it at first watch buy a copy as it does require multiple screenings.


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