Saturday, May 16, 2009


I caught myself watching this one and the entire time thinking I was watching something else. Sure enough this is Milos Foreman's version of DANGEROUS LIAISONS, that French guy Choderlos de Laclos' book which everybody has been ripping off for a couple of centuries now. I've never bothered to read it as it would be a translation and I've seen so many takes on this one I don't see the point. So, we have Colin Firth prancing about as Valmont looking rather out of place I'm sad to say and we have Fairuza Balk as the young nubile looking ratherout of place and we have Meg Tilly as some broken hearted wench looking REALLY out of place and we have Annette Bening looking like she belongs but by gawd I thought I was watching Julia Ormond the who damn time and knew no different until the credits ran. The late Vincent Schiavelli has some interesting moments which made pray there was a blooper reel somewhere because he looks like he will do something out of place at any second. It's a fair enough piece of work though many seem to prefer the Close/Malkovich version.....put them together and they would make a fine one-two punch.


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