Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I like Neil Marshall's films and anything having Rhona Mitra running around in tight black outfits and kicking ass gets my vote. It does however have to be said there was nothing especially unique about DOOMSDAY, Marshall himself acknowledging the blatant influence of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and THE ROAD WARRIOR. but so what, we all are prone to watching the same film again and again in the different wrapper so why not here. Doesn't hurt to have Bob Hoskins and Malcolm McDowell along for the ride both who could have been used a bit more as could Alexander Siddig but why have drama get in the way of the carnage. I love the way they worked the premise of Glasgow being quarantined due to a viral outbreak as I gather most in the U.K. would like to see that happen now virus or no. Good, fast, violent fun and you just have to hope Marshall was able to expropriate one of three Bentleys they bought for this number!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No comment....gotta go watch LOST!

CAR, Silversurfer, Casper

(got it yet)!!!

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