Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Celestine Prophecy

I was mentioning to an old friend of mine in Ottawa how hard it is for me to come up with new ways to say a film "blows chunks". I had this misfortune of slogging through James Redfield's "novel" if that's what you want to call it and that was a wretched experience. Sitting through the film was worse making me think "perhaps removing my eyes with a rusty old nail file might be more entertaining" but I decided against that. As for you hippie heads out there who think I'm being negative or a "controller" or whatever stupid name Redfield and his tofu heads have come up with to supposedly describe people like me, I am not being flippant, this "film" came off worse than something you would see at a bloody Scientology joint and struck me as nothing more than a long infomercial for Redfield's books.
Hey, that's great, let's all hope Eckhart Tolle does the same thing....there is just one took MY FUCKING MONEY and two hours of my life and I would kindly like BOTH back thank you.
I mean, you didn't even give Jurgen Prochnow a bloody chance to be the super bad guy here which he could have easily done and might have salvaged some aspect of this travesty.
I've met director Armand Mastroianni a few times as he often films here and he's a great guy but I hope he didn't buy into this nonsense and you can be damned sure I'll be hitting him up for a few beers as a matter of recourse next time I see him.....and once again.....for you bean sprout brains out there who want to start firing me nasty emails or loading my comment box up with your ranting......go find a nice big crystal and stick it up your ass because if this is what the new age is going to be all blows chunks!


Blogger Candy Minx said...

This horrible bitch my dad was with recommended this book to me...I've had a bad taste in my mouth since...I don't even want to imagine the movie...

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