Thursday, January 01, 2009

Pillow Talk

Rock Hudson and Doris Day sure turned up the heat with this bawdy little romantic comedy nobody wanted. Distributors at the time had the feeling the public no longer wanted this type of film and they couldn't have been more wrong. Banged an Oscar for the amazing screenplay and earned Day a well deserved nomination. For some reason we think of her as some innocent, the America's sweetheart syndrome as it were, but in PILLOW TALK she shows she can rock with the best of them. Speaking of Rock, it's easy to see from this one why so many women of that era were mortified to learn he was gay...the man just oozes sex appeal here, as does Day! Tony Randall does the pre-Woody neurotic thing to a tee and Thelma Ritter steals any scene she's in.


Anonymous cj said...

Ahhhh...Im so glad that you liked this movie. I grew up watching Doris Day movies. Pillow talk is wonderful...How far will a good girl go to get the man she wants? How far will the man take her... hmmmm?

12:15 PM  

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