Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Don McKellar no only did justice to the Jose Saramago novel with his screenplay he managed to turn in one of his best performances to date as well. BLINDNESS is a special film and certainly one of the best of 2008 in my books and though not a horror film as such it was probably the scariest I saw as well. The idea of a virus turning the world blind is an interesting one and it opens the dorr to explore all kinds of subjects. Of course blind activist groups around the world were pissed as hell about the vehicle but we shan't worry ourselves with that here. Julianne Moore is at her very best here and it's ahsame the Academy will no doubt overlook her work on this one. I had a problem at first with the casting of Danny Glover at first but he works into the character just fine. Some may find Maury Chaykin's role stereotypical but I suspect this was the intention of director Fernando Meirelles as the heart of the movie deals with this very topic, preconceived notions and what happens to them when we can't see! Many feel the rape scene was not needed and I can see their point but I'm of the opinion it serves an important purpose in the plot development. Haunting in both visuals and feeling BLINDNESS is not a film easily forgotten.


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