Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Here is one of those films people just love to hate and there are many reasons why, none of the particularly valid! Did it rip off THE RING which happened to an Americanized version of RINGU....kind of. Does the story meander all over the place like a poorly thought out subway line.....kind of. Are the acting talents of Stephen Dorff and Rea along with Natascha McElhone pretty much wasted...not entirely! See, they give this stylish bit of horror just enough kick to make it work and if you watch it in the fashion you would and Italian or Asian horror offering it willl knock your teeth out. Great visuals, amazing sound and some genuine jump out of your seat moments make this far better than most would have you believe. Always great to Udo Kier, amazingly enough NOT as a vampire and Siobhan Flynn and Emma Campbell are always welcome in any film as far as I'm concerned. While the script is a but jumbled, OK, it really doesn't hold together at all, there are some clever in-jokes and references....just don't bog yourself down in the holes.


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