Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mrs. Miniver

This 1942 gem, winner of six Oscars, has been the subject of many a film study just like so many other films I blurb here and once again I'm repeating myself. Rather than tell you how great the picture is or how happy Winston Churchill was about it let me share these peronal thoughts. Let's start with Greer Garson, who still holds the Oscar record for her 5 1/2 minute speech when she accepted her award for Best Actress. Those who know me know of my life long obsession with the signatures of the famous, I obtained Garson's in an old autograph album never realizing Greer was in fact female so you can imagine my shock to discover this when I first saw MRS. MINIVER. Hey, these things happen to the best of us! Second thought has to do with Saint John, New Brunswick's own Walter Pidgeon who I had only seen in FORBIDDEN PLANET and VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. To watch him deliver his Oscar nominated performance here was amazing, I had no clue he was an actor of that caliber. Outstanding film which will bore the young and restless but thrill those who can sit still long enough to enjoy it.


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