Sunday, December 28, 2008


Thirty years later this Richard Donner films perfectly demonstrates how a good script and fine acting will beat out an overwrought CGI spectacle any day! While it would be easy to look back and mock this version for it's truly "comic book" ending or one of the greatest goof-ups in movie history that being Marlon Brando's famous Rolex appearance it would be very wrong. The film is solidly presented, spiritedly acted and hold up amazingly well even in the special effects department which greatly surprised me on a recent viewing. The casting of the late and tragic Christopher Reeve was a smart one by Donner who was being hounded by many for the part though I do thing he could have done a tad better than Margot Kidder as Louis Lane. Nice touch bringing Kirk Alyn and Noel Neill from the 1948 version in for work and even though Valerie Perrine doesn't say much she sure looked good. A great fantasy superhero film done the old fashioned way which is why it will probably still work thirty years from now as well!


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