Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Pope of Greenwich Village

With all of the hype Mickey Rourke is getting for THE WRESTLER it never hurts to go back a take a peek at some of the classics. In my mind he never went away but that is another story! Here he teams with Eric Roberts in what then and now is a cult favorite. It's not the greatest of a movie, director Michael Cimino being given his pink slip half way through and replaced by Stuart Rosenberg in one of his final directorial stints, but it makes up for it's failings with great dialogue. This is one of those pictures everybody was quoting one-liners from back in the day and every now and then somebody will still zing me with one. As great as Rourke is here it's a Roberts picture all the way and he dominates every scene he appears in. Speaking of appearances, we have a young Daryl Hannah in dance tights, and lingerie and if that's not worth the price of admission I don't know what is. Burt Young has a fabulous death scene as Bed Bug Eddie and the late Kenneth McMillan does a great job as the aging safe cracker trying to stash a nest egg for his family. It's a story about hard nosed losers who refuse to give up and while dated visually the message it still valid in these current hard times.


Blogger mister anchovy said...

Gee, I thought Dave Van Ronk was the Pope of Greenwich Village.

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