Monday, June 16, 2008

Wild Bill

Legends of the wild West seem to always have a neverending shelf-life in Hollywood and here in this Walter Hill directed take Jeff Bridges does the honors of the larger than life Wild Bill Hickok and it's a dman good thing too because if Bridges wasn't here the film isn't really worth watching. There is something about his style and presentation which makes him an actor who can carry anything. Sure, Ellen Barkin is great as Calamity Jane and the narration provided by John Hurt's Charley Prince character is a nice touch but I have to say I take issues with David Arquette as Jack McCall and I'm not entirely sure why. He brings his A-game to the project and is more than capable of expressing the back-shooting worm-like nature of McCall but I can't help but think this would have been a thousand times better has they given the role to somebody else. Still, enough grit and gun play to satiate the die-hards with just the right blend of sensitivity in motives to make WILD BILL an above average offering.


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