Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back to School

I find the older I get the more I enjoy Rodney Dangerfield flicks and this one is certainly one of the better. On the surface it seems to suffer from the same formula treatment many of the mid-Eighties comedies did and most still do to this day. Bad acting, poor premise and a bunch of skit gags pieced together. BACK TO SCHOOL works on a different level if you take the time to look and it worth it just for the Kurt Vonnegut Jr. cameo which is truly priceless. Early work for Robert Downey Jr., who is a riot, and Terry Farrell and it's great to see Star Trek veteran Sally Kellerman in a feature role and we even get a performance from film score juggernaut Danny Elfman and OINGO BOINGO and this is just scratching the surface...your eyes will just pop going...look at him...look at her....truly an eclectic cast to say the least. Still, it all comes down to Dangerfield and without him the thing would have been utter crap. I guess it's true...he didn't get any respect until it was pretty much too late.


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