Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Big Night

Despite what some feel to be a bummer of an ending (I didn't find that) BIG NIGHT is one of the most heart warming films you will find. A simple story of two Italian brothers, Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub, who are at odds over how to run their restaurant. This is about all I wish to tell you you about the story as it's best left to be disocvered for youself but allow me to say it's as rich as the food these two prepare. As marvelous as Shalhoub and Tucci are it is Ian Holm who steals the film in a performance which will surprise you on many levels. Also offering some fine support are Isabella Rossellini and Minnie Driver who delivers some of her finest work here and the ladies will enjoy seeing latin heartthrob Marc Anthony in an amazingly reserved role. BIG NIGHT was also partly written and directed by Tucci leading one to believe he may very well have a grand future in this respect when he decides to put acting aside which has me excited about seeing his BLIND DATE released this year. BIG NIGHT indeed and big fun for sure.


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I thought Big Night was a delight!

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