Tuesday, June 03, 2008


A thousand somehow seems like a small number but it has taken me almost two years to reach it! It was the idea of Candy Minx to start this and when she set it up I honestly had no idea exactly what I wanted to do with it. As little thoughts and blurbs regarding concerts and films started to appear so did people wanting to read. When faced with a jammed apartment full of videos and DVD's it became clear it was time to do some serious pruning yet I had spent all of this money and time on what now appears to be a useless asset....what could one do to get a last bang for the buck as it were and the answer was to view them one last time, write a little blurb for the sake of history and for my own memory as I grow old and senile and then out the door with the damn things.
So......here we are......what you find are not reviews as such as much as thoughts, observations, old triva and a short opinion. If you want a thesis or some shit like that....buy a book or go tgo fucking IMDB!
Yes, you will find typos and spelling mistakes as their is, for the life of me I don't know why, an edit-spellcheck function within the BLOGGER system. People say I can write, check and import to which the Ludite in me says bugger right the frig off....it's enough damn work keeping up with this bloody thing as it is without making it more complicated.
Here's to the next thousand and a heart felt thank you to you regulars out there in cyber land...you know who you are and I luvs ya!

Dr. K.


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