Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Scared to Death

this 1947 film was one of Christy Cabanne's last films. Amazingly enough he started directing them in 1912 so back it was considered one hell of a career! Sadly, this film is often looked at as nothing but a low budget numkber for Bela Lugosi to do his thing in and while I won't go as far as to say it's a good film it sure as hellis an interesting one. As the story is rather unimportant I will say it is narrated by a dead woman, it has what could be a Keystone cop, a nosey reporter, a mad Doctor and then we have Lugosi...who is....well...Lugosi running around with a "little person" for no particular reason. Said "little person" would just so happen to be Angelo Rositto who was prominently featured in FREAKS, would be better known to most as MASTER of MASTERBLASTER in the MAD MAX BEYOND THE THUNDERDOME film and made films right up to his death in 1991. As I said, the story is of no import and makes no sense whatsoever but it is entertaining and is the only film to STAR Lugosi in colour (he has a bit part in an earlier colour feature) and that alone makes it worth a look.


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