Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Indestructable Man

The late Jack Pollexfen wrote and produced a fair amount of B films in his life but he onlt directed two of them and while I hate to speak ill of the dead I must say it's a good thing! INDESTRUCTABLE MAN stars Lon Chaney Jr. as a gangster who gets fried in the electric chair but swears to return and have vengence on an accountant who screwed him. Haven't we all felt like that at one time or another! What comes of this is a film which can't decide if it want to be a horror or a crime drama or a sci-fi....what the hell, mix 'em all together and see what sticks. Sadly, not much. It will entertain the die-hards but is way, way too slow for general consumption. I will say they have a maniacal close-up of Chaney Jr.'s eyes where I don't think they needed make-up! God bless ol' Lon but I swear it looks like they filmed him right after he staggered in from a week long bender!


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