Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Giant Gila Monster

A mutated pituitary gland is at fault here from this "marvel" of a monster. In reality what we have is some poor drugged up gila who was no doubt minding his own frakkin' business on a rock somewhere, or whatever it is gilas do in their down time, when Ray Kellogg and his boys came along, scooped him up, tossed him through a couple of coardboard barn walls and then ran a toy car full of firecrackers into the poor thing's face which I'm sure the gila was none to happy about. That aside, THE GIANT GILA MONSTER would have been tolerable had they not opted to let Don Sullivan sing throughout the whole damn thing. Don't get me wrong, not a bad leading actor in this case but his "rock" songs no doubt had audiences across the country wishing the gila would hurry up and chomp the dude. Some neat moments from the town drunk but you need not run out and buy THE GIANT GILA MONSTER anytime soon.


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