Sunday, May 04, 2008

Evan Almighty

I won't waste much time blurbing this one, it's the type of thing you either like or you don't. I myself quite like the work and style of director Tom Shadyac so I was a tad bit more interested in this than I normally would be, so much so that this was one of the first times I've seen, or noticed Steve Carell in a film. Yes, I know he was in the first, BRUCE ALMIGHTY, which I can't say I remember much of, I don't watch the American version of THE OFFICE and I would just as soon forget about the movie take on BEWITCHED. In the case of EVAN ALMIGHTY I was in for a pleasant surprise. It was a fun, good natured, light hearted film suitable for all ages and a great little family flick, that is unless you happen to be a bible-thumping lunatic like the many who were offended by this supposed blasphemous film. Would it be having a black man, in this case Morgan Freeman, playing God? Would it be them doing a modern take on the whole Noah and the ark thing? I seem to recall Bill Cosby doing a similar routine and I don't remember hearing about anybody protesting him. these are different times with a different mind set and perhaps this is why I enjoyed EVAN ALMIGHTY so much....I couldn't help but dream of building my own big ass boat, loading all of the creationists on to it and pushing it of the edge of the is flat afterall.....just like their heads! Yes, it was that...and John Goodman playing a crooked politician, yes, it was these things that made me enjoy this film so much!


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