Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Dukes of Hazzard

Oh man, I can just see the emails now but I just have to weigh in on this one. This is part of that 2005 glut of remakes and adapted television shows Hollywood just felt the need to force down the throats of a sheep like public. Amazingly enough I've actually read and heard people debating the merits of this Seventies show and how Hollywood damn near close verged on blasphemy by putting this on the big screen!?!?!?!??! It's the DUKES OF FUCKIN' HAZZARD people, go grab a deep fied chickin' samich and sit your ass in front of a NASCAR race and chill the fuck out!
Now, in my case I expected nothing from this film and I was floored when I discovered just how smart and entertaining it turned out to be. There are some in-jokes and subtleties that just had me floored! I am one of the few (at least that I know) who genuinely enjoy the work of Johnny Knoxville and while Seann William Scott can be hit and miss I felt the pairing of the two was perfect. As for the argument of Jessica Simpson taking the reigns from Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke....get over it folks. She was a natural for the role and works to a charm. Willie Nelson as Uncle Jessie...how can you not like that and Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg....bloody perfect! Throw in some bit parts for Rip Taylor and Lynda Carter and you have a virtual time machine at your finger tips. You see, the show was based on the car movie craze which has never left us and if you take the film as a longer revisitation of this theme it is an absolute success. Not everybody will enjoy this sort of nonsense but for those of you old enough to remember the show ignore the general consensus and give this ride a try!


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