Sunday, May 04, 2008

Killers from Space

I often wonder how it is Peter Graves was never thrown in jail. I mean, if my agent had signed me on to star in KILLERS FROM SPACE I would have killed the motherfucker! Check this out, not only do we have giant spiders, snakes, lizards, crickets and damn near any other creepy crawly you'd find in a cave running around we have some alien dudes with halved ping pong balls for eyes! I'm not shitting looks like they cut a ping pong ball in half, grabbed a magic marker and scribbled a couple of black dots on them and stuck them on some poor sap's face along with some extra carpet looking like a lost caterpillar and what you have looks more like a friggin' Muppet than an alien and this is about all you'll ever need to know about KILLERS FROM SPACE.


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