Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Abyss

If we don't count PIRANHA PART TWO-THE SPAWNING, and we shouldn't, THE ABYSS marks director James Cameron's obsession with water based films and for the first 80 percent of it what a film! Sad thing is, and it doesn't matter if you watch the studio version or the director's cut with the additional footage, the ending sinks much like the Titanic did. Like so so so many of the films I blurb here I'm sure you've seen it and I don't need to go on about it other than stating it was an amazing acting and technical feat combined and a damn tight film until we run into those aliens at the end. Sure, damn cool aliens with a wonderful scientific concept, no surprise here as THE ABYSS is by far the best "good science" film of it's time but damned if that preachy message on world piece didn't drop it down to the level of E.T. when all was said and done. Still worth a watch but make sure you have the salt shaker ready for the end.


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