Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dr. No

I've easily seen this, the first of the James Bond films, 30 or 40 times over the years but never on a big screen and tonight I had the chance in a rare screening presented by THE FOX THEATRE here in the Toronto Beaches. One can often say the first is usually the best and though we've had many great Bond films this could very well fall under that rule. Sean Connery is simply excellent in his debut to the character and for many he will remain the Bond by which all others will be judged. While Joseph Wiseman delivers a wonderfully reserved performance as the cool and diabolical Dr. No it will always be Ursuala Andress as Honey Rider who will be remembered as the true legend of this film. Released in 1962 you can pit Ursual against any sex symbol of any era of film and she would more than likely top them all! Smart direction from Terence Youngm a tight no nonsense script and lots of involvement from Ian Fleming himself make this an absolte must-see Bond and even though the print I saw tonight was a bit rough, should it surface in your local Rep don't miss it!


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