Saturday, April 05, 2008


Adaptation of David Mamet's stage work for the big screen have been hit and miss over the years and once again the opinions are half and half as to if EDMOND works or not. I'm of the mind it's a brilliant success especially the performance of William H. Macy. Like his work in FOCUS, this one seems to have slipped under most people's radar and it's a shame. It's a classic examination of a man's midlife death (crisis), fall and rebirth and in Macy's cannon of work this may well prove to be his finest work. Also of note is the fact it was directed by Stuart Gordon who is known by most for his horror work. One could say this is a departure but it really isn't as there is in fact a monster here but as is so often the case he is all too human. Another bummer flick for sure and I certainly don't recommend it to anyone in the middle of a divorce as Mamet was when he penned it.


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