Sunday, June 03, 2007

lebereen beroemd (Everybody's Famous)

This Dutch film copped an Oscar nom for best foreign picture and this is the problem with EVERYBODY'S FAMOUS....if you don't like foreign films you will absolutely hate this one. Slow and plodding in it's pacing I'm still not sure why it received the Oscar nomination let alone win a bloody slew of other awards. This being said it's not entirely without it's charms. A father kidnaps a famous pop singer to get his own daughter a break in the business....this about sums up thestory with a fairy tale ending. Of note is the performance Thekla Reuten who we will soon see (or has it already gone straight to DVD?!?!?!?!) in HIGHLANDER: THE SOURCE. As I said, not for those who dislike foreign films but a fair enough time waster for those who are.


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