Friday, June 01, 2007

American Crime

I have no idea where this neat little piece of trash came from. Interesting little movie within a movie as a small town television reporter stumbles across the work of a serial killer who videotapes his victims as he stalks and kills them. This catches the attention of the host of a syndicated show called AMERICAN CRIME who comes on board to follow the story real time. Whn the small town reporter is herself abducted the plot really kicks in, or should I say is SUPPOSED to kick in as this is where the whole film falls right of the fucking rails. When you put Cary Elwes, Annabella Sciorra, Kip Pardue and Rachel Leigh Cook together you would tend to think something great just might happen but under the inept direction of Dan Mintz what we end up with here is a supreme waste of talent. Not wasted however is the lovely playmate Julie Cialini as one of the stripper victims here. I honestly think she turned in the best performance of all of them. So, while this is a junker for sure, there are some moments which could make this a fair viewing for the die-hards...for the other.....change the!


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