Saturday, June 02, 2007

Some Like It Hot

Billy Wilder had some serious blockbusters under his belt when he decided to trot this 1959 classic on to the silver screen. Often thought of as simply a vehicle for Marilyn Monroe it is in fact a showcase of the Lemmon/Curtis duo and nowhere will you find them in better form. There is little I can add to all that has been written on this film but I will comment on the perceived homosexual elements many still fuss over to this day. I suppose it should be considered inevitable when you have Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in drag throughout the majority of the picture but this is really only a small part of the whole. The point is this is one seriously sexually charged piece of work and I would have loved to have been around when it was first released to better guage the public response to it. Monroe just oozes here and her scenes with Curtis on the yacht are as steamy as you will ever see in a comedy and her scene with Lemmon in the train bunk is black sexual humor as it's terse best. What it boils down to is who cares if there are homsexual undertones OR overtones, this is a work of comedic genius and should be viewed as such. Note the drunk wanting more "coffee" at the beginning of the film, he is famed character actor Fred Sherman in yet another uncredited role and don;t forget to enjoy George Raft as Spats Colombo, a wonderful bit of casting brilliance for sure!


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