Saturday, June 02, 2007

Reservoir Dogs

Not counting his "lost" student film, RESERVOIR DOGS marks the directorial debut of Quentin Tarantino and one hell of a fucking debut it is. To this day I still think it is his best work and to see him direct and star side by side with some of the days best talent is truly amazing. Like many of my blurbs here in blog land regarding classic films I shan't bore you with going on and on with my masturbatory opinions when you can go elsewhere to find similar rantings and ravings. Where I will add my two cents in is on the casting of Edward Bunker as Mr. Blue. A bona fide criminal in the real world he carved himself out a nice little living doing bit work in Hollywood when he was released from prison and good work it is....but where he amazingly comes through is with his novels and if you've never read DOG EAT DOG you must do so quick. He delivers hard boiled action unlike anybody before in the genre and trust me it is not for the squeamish! Sadly we lost him in 2005 which is a drag because I sure as Hell would have liked to have met him. Also of note is Tarantino's choice to use the dry comic Steven Wright as the radio DJ, something about this small bit of casting really helps set the overall tone in this baby. When you hear the dickwads taking a poke at Quentin's work listen if you will but if you are one of the few people to have not yet viewed RESERVOIR DOGS you owe it to yourself to do so!


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