Saturday, June 02, 2007


From director Marc Forster, the man who gave us MONSTER'S BALL and FINDING NEVERLAND comes this taut psychological thriller destined to put some serious shivers up and down your spine. It follows a psychologist played by Ewan McGregor who attempts to help a troubled art student (Ryan Gosling) from taking his own life. While dealing with this, McGregor also has to cope with his future wife's (Naomi Watts who is great as always) previous ventures along the same vein. Making wonderful use of light, glass and architecture, Forster sets one dark, all be it well lit, table for hius characters to eat from all leading to one super heavy ending. The great Bob Hoskins has a small role as does LAW AND ORDER:SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT's B.D. Wong and Janeane Garofalo has one hell of a creepy little cameo as well. Not for all palates for sure, still, a fine meal will be had here by some.


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