Monday, February 05, 2007

The Dark Crystal

One of the masterpieces from Jim Henson and Frank Oz this is a film to be enjoyed by all ages. Sadly, it won't be. I had this misfortune of watching a group of preteens watching this a few months back and was shocked at how bad they took the piss out of it. Between CGI and a meaner, more cynical society, the sheer joy of this film simply seems to be lost on the younger generation. For us old farts, yes the story is a little simple but the pure genius of the puppetry and visuals is an absolute treat. Deep Roy is osmewhere in there as a performer...if anybody knows where please let me know! It also saddens one to remeber we've lost Henson and his beautiful heart. He left us way, way too least we have his legacy of peace.


Blogger The Prince of Hollis said...

It does kind of leave one with a certian feeling of chagrin when what we hold as sentimental or endear in someway as important,,,, but paybacks a bitch.

Kids will always laugh at what adults like as long as the adults are retunring the favour. I have not heard of any great leaps on that issue.

It does give us that we're getting old feeling.

Fuck those little cocksucker brats though. Dark Crytal rocked.

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