Friday, February 02, 2007

That Old Black Cat Be Crossing My Path

This was supposed to be a "thought of the day" but it turned in to something else. While stumbling up from my futon on the floor this morning and making my way to the kitchen to grab some orange juice (not a beer), my path was crossed by a black cat! Thing is, I am on the upper first floor where I live and the said cat was down in the back parking lot doing his cat thing such as chasing the birds, ripping up garbage and pissing on anything not moving. This got me to wondering, under these circumstances would the "bad luck" rule apply.
I decided to take fate by the proverbial bull horn, had a shot of whiskey from said bullhorn, grabbed my slingshot and put an acorn in that cat's fluffy little black ass. He can take his bad luck somewhere else today!


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