Monday, February 05, 2007

Small Soldiers

Sadly, this film falls apart with characters you just don't like! If you ignore the stupid families involved and focus on the overall action then you are in for a treat. Try and ignore the anti-military sentiment and technology gone wild message and you'll be in for an even better time. No doubt if you have kids you've al;ready seen this flick, if not, here is why it's worth your time. Voice cameos galore!!!!!! Tommy Lee Jones as a rub salt on yo' ass Major Chip Hazard squares off against Frank Langella voiced Archer in a toys come to life mother of all battles. The boys from Spinal Tap weigh in with some fine work as do Christina Ricci and Sarah Michelle Gellar as the psycho Gwendy Dolls...bloody hilarious they are. Scary too! Ernest Borgnine and Dick Miller also show up as does ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT's David Cross and RESCUE ME's Denis Leary who turns in a Donald Trump like persona guarandamnteed to spook the shit out of you. Must say it saddened me to see Ontarians Gregory Smith and the late Phil Hartman working together, I say saddened because I somehow suspect these two would have worked together more ofter had Hartman lived. All in all, a fine little film for family and all.


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