Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Ringer

I've read several other bloggers take on this one and I have to say I agree 100%.....this was another grossly mismarketed picture. You put Johhny Knoxville's mug up there with a tag-line like "only a jackass would try to fix the Special Olympics" and right off the bat you are thinking yet another piece of poor taste, end of the world, what has happened to society, crap. What you get is an extemely sensitive and truly touching look at the world of the challenged, a fine little romance and Knoxville playing the fool, and damn don't he look just like Billy from Green Day while he does it. An excellent little adventure not to be missed and don;t forget a voice cameo from Jesse "the body" Ventura and an uncredited cameo of Terry Funk playing a thug.


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