Friday, February 02, 2007

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Wow....where do we start here? I've always loved Shane Black's script work and to see him in the director's chair weighing in with this beauty thrills me to no end. Never been a big fan of Robert Downey Jr. but I sure as hell am now. He gives a performance in this baby which is so dynamic I was slack jawed from it. Serious, funny, sexy, oh man....I just can't say enough about how good he is in this. makes sense to me now why Hollywood has never given up on the guy.
And Val Kilmer....oh Val Kilmer. Here he is playing a gay private dick and I swear he is not acting at all. Irascible and charming as hell he is simply a natural in this role and he delivers one of the best lines I've heard in years.....

Gay Perry-This isn't good cop bad cop, this is fag and New Yorker.

Then there is Michelle Monaghan. Not to take away from her stellar acting abilities, any film featuring her running around in a Christmas elf nightie from Frederick's of Hollywood get's the two thumbs (and that's not all!) way up from me.

Based on the Brett Halliday potboiler BODIES ARE WHERE YOU FIND THEM this film is both a nod and a wink to the days of Otto Preminger and the boys. The title credits pay a brilliant homage to the work of Saul Bass and they alone are worth the price of admission. Did I mention Michelle Monaghan in the red elf suit???????
All around a smart sexy fun filled romp through the underbelly of Hollywood not to be missed. Laurence (drop the fucking gun Neo) Fishburne puts in a fantastic cameo....see if you can find him!


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