Monday, June 14, 2010

The Stranger

Robert Lieberman predominantly works in television with directing stints on THE X-FILES and DEXTER so it's interesting to see him at the helm of this Stone Cold Steve Austin vehicle. These two elements are about all that's interesting about THE STRANGER which suffers not from the directing, script or even Stone Cold but wretchedly poor acting all around. While Stone Cold is by no means a thespian he more than adequately does the job he was hired to do and I'm of the thought only his fans will take anything away from this one. The script has some interesting aspects and is crafted well enough but offers little in the something new department. Erica Cerra does her best to spice things up but the supporting cast simpky sucks the life out of anything her or Austin try to get going. Might pass as a good hangover film but nothing more.


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