Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hudson Hawk

Despite being one giant in-joke and ham-job for Bruce Willis HUDSON HAWK is on heck of a fun film and I tend to not get along with those who would trash it. Just great absurd, nonsensical fun in which all involved look to be having a great time. Hell, even Daivd (take off your sunglasses, star off into space and insert snappy comment here) Caruso is entertaining. Danny Aiello is the perfect partner for Willis and I still hope they manage to get the sequel off the ground. James Coburn is a howl and future Leatherface Andrew Bryniarski gets some AMAZING laugs as Butterfinger. Sandra Berhard and Richard E. Grant as the Mayflower couple are downright diabolical and we have the vocal talents of the great Frank Welker as Bunny and narration by William Conrad! All in all and raucous feast where one must leave their snobbery at the door.


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