Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Young Victoria

You pretty much know what you are in for with the one right from the get go. Unfortunately Emily Blunt is not Cate Blanchett so THE YOUNG VICTORIA never achieves the weight needed for the subject matter. Blunt does her job but never raises the bar and when you are dealing with a person of Victoria's stature more than average is required and this is the overall problem with THE YOUNG VICTORIA, it is merely average. The cast are fair but when Jim Broadbent is the only member to stand out you know you're in trouble. Sure, it snagged an Oscar for the costumes but ONLY because it was a friggin' period piece and this in no way excuses the horrid Sinead O'connor song we are subjected to during the end credits. Odd they would take liberty with the assassination attempt (the first of many) scene showing Prince Albert (Rupert Friend) as being wounded when in fact he wasn't but then again they couldn't even get the date of her notificaton of accession correct. Worth a viewing if these sort of docudramas are your thing otherwise give it a pass.


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