Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Charles Dickens would be doing some serious ass break-dancing in his grave if he caught wind of this stinky revision of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Go ahead, figure it out from the title and imagine Matthew McConaughey as Scrooge and you pretty much have all you need to know. Michael Douglas, looking mighty old here and I don't think it was makeup, gets a couple of laughs, Jennifer Garner (who I would still watch in dishsoap ads if need be) reaches an all-time low in a project that simply should have been left on the scrap heap when Disney pulled the plug on it after Ben Affleck (who was supposed to do this with Garner) flopped in GIGLI. Funniest moment in the ENTIRE film? Matthew looking out a snowy window and asking a kid with a shovel "is it Christmas?". "No, it's Saturday you idiot!".....and there you have it.


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