Friday, April 16, 2010

Wedding Crashers

Theis eneven offering from director David Dobkin suffers from serious pacing issues pretty much right from the get go. We are forced to suffer (unless you hit the fast forward) a lengthy montage of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn doing just what the title states and at this point you find yourself already heading to the fridge for another beer. Sure, there are some moments, a scene between Vaughn and the late Henry Gibson being the best, but for every bit of momentum Vince manages to build Wilson is right there to drag it back down. Bit of star gazing to be had in Jane Seymour, Rebecca De Mornay and Dwight Yoakam but poor Christopher Walken is pretty much wasted and it's always great to see Ivana Bozilovic who for some reason hasn't had another role since. As stated, a few laughs and will do in a pinch if you have to sub for a chick flick otherwise avoid as you would a wedding.


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