Sunday, November 29, 2009

White Christmas

I suppose you are expecting me to say something like there had best been some serious Holiday grub, industrial eggnog and some exceptional pussy on the couch to make me sit through this sentimental dribble and in most cases you would be right. Not in this case. Celebrating 55 yers of bringing smiles to the more serious minded "children" of North America WHITE CHRISTMAS does stand out as a true classic. Not so much in story or acting (though the contributions of art director Hal Pereira sure help) but on the broad well loved shoulders of Bing Crosby does this film excel. Of course the title song can be heard everywhere at this time of year but remains one of the few Christmas jingle never to suffer from overplay. Point is......Perry Como in a sweater....not cool.....ol' Bing in a sweater....tres cool and you can smell the Old Spice from here. Hell, he even did a Christmas duet with David Bowie before going to the big fireplace in the sky and you simply don't get mcuh cooler than that....we will of course forget the whole Mich Jagger DANCING IN THE STREETS fiasco but I gather you get my snow drift. TCM is runnig this through December and you'd be well done to give a look. especially if you can match the previously mentioned shopping list to go with it.


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when will you grow up you fucking asshole

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