Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Sicilian

Not sure which is worse, trying to sell a Belgian (via New York) as a sword wielding Scottish immortal or an Italian revolutionary. Doesn't much matter as poor Christopher Lambert was seriously miscast as the legendary Salvatore Giuliano. This is the third time his story has been brought to the big screen, this time based on the Mario Puzzo novel which I gather was supposed to have somehow tied Michael Coleone to the mythology of Giuliano. I've not read the book so I don't know what's missing from the film but I don't imagine it would have helped this much. So, that being said the film sucks mighty hard yet it remains a fave of mine. Part of this has to do with Lambert who I'll watch in anything but we also have some interesting if wasted performances from Terence Stamp, John Tuturro and Barbara Sukowa as "the rapist". With talent like this even a bad film becomes enjoyable and then we have Joss Ackland who is superb and bring a character to life which should have had a film all by itself. Fans needing a poor GODFATHER fix will enjoy this but I can't say it would be much use to anybody else.


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