Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

I'll have to see this sucker at least a dozen more times before I can fully say just what I think about it but I can say this, it's Tarantino's best film to date and I absolutely loved it. He get's a little too cute for my liking at times with his style but the spots where he does this got a good pop from the audience so who am I to question Quentin. I will most certainly question the Academy is Christoph Waltz does not get at least an Oscar nod here as his work is beyond stunning. As for Brad Pitt, not sure if he was trying to channel Cary Grant or what but his character is an interesting oneproviding some much needed comical relief it what, contrary to how it is being marketed, is NOT a funny film. In fact, there are scenes of violence here which shocked even me. We all know Tarantino is a film buff but with INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS he seems to zero in on paying homage once again to Sam Peckinpah with some heavy doses of Godard and a hint of Francois Truffaut al the while keeping the work uniquely his own. Brave move appropriating David Bowie's title song from CAT PEOPLE for his own in a beautiful scene with Melanie Laurent who also may get an Oscar looksie. Special tip of the hat given to the special effects department who provide some amazing splat and listen for well noticeable vocal cameos from Samuel L. Jackson and though not credited I swore I heard Harvey Keitel in there. You won't have to look hard to catch Mike Myers but a double take may be needed to peg the great Rod Taylor as Chruchill. Overall just a fantastic viewing experice destined to become another Tarantino classic.


Blogger Candy Minx said...

I am so pleased to hear you liked this....even loved it. I have a review in my drafts but haven't made the final touches. I absolutely loved this movie. There are so many layers that it is why I have taken a little time to actually post a review on my blog. Just written some notes and thoughts. Yes, Harvey keitel was a voice over. I am positive Waltz will get a nomination and an Oscar. It's kind ofexciting that Tarantino introduced us to a new acto. (yes he is a tv actor in Germany...but what a treat for QT to discover an actor for us)

I believe that the concept for Pitt's character was in fact, George Carlin's Indian Sragent...an I will post a link to the routine when I post my review. Maybe ina day or two.


I had been working on a documentary about a massacre by nazis' of 28,000 people...so when I saw this I was very into the ass-kicking...even thought the moral of the story is...revenge doesn't "pay"...

Wasn't Eli Roth awesome!?

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Blogger Christian said...

Absolutely amazing piece of cinema. I was thoroughly impressed on all levels.

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