Friday, August 28, 2009

Diamond Men

While I don't remember a particulat timeframe being mentioned for when DIAMOND MEN takes place the thing surprising me the most was it being made in 2000. Robert Forster, who produced this Dan Cohen directed independant feature, gives a career performance as an on the road salesman forced into retirement and on one last run to show Donnie Wahlberg, his replacement, the ropes. Of course it wouldn't be much of a movie if a few things don't happen along the way. There is one great scene involving an "eye" which I won't dare ruin for you. The lovely Kristin Minter has some fine moments and this could very well be the only film in which Nikki Fitz stays clothed. May be a tad slow for some but it is a neat little character study and well worth a look should you stumble across it.


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